Getting an iterator and passing through it

Here you have some code for getting the iterator by name go through the values.

DCIteratorBinding iter = findIterator(“YOUR_ITERATOR_NAME”);

Row[] rows = iter.getAllRowsInRange();
for (Row row : rows) { // do something here }

* Find an iterator binding in the current binding container by name.
* @param name iterator binding name
* @return iterator binding
public static DCIteratorBinding findIterator(String name) {
DCIteratorBinding iter = getDCBindingContainer().findIteratorBinding(name);
if (iter == null) {
throw new RuntimeException(“Iterator ‘” + name + “‘ not found”);
return iter;

* Return the current page’s binding container.
* @return the current page’s binding container
private static BindingContainer getBindingContainer() {
BindingContext bc = BindingContext.getCurrent();
return bc.getCurrentBindingsEntry();

* Return the Binding Container as a DCBindingContainer.
* @return current binding container as a DCBindingContainer
public static DCBindingContainer getDCBindingContainer() {
return (DCBindingContainer)getBindingContainer();


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